3 Tips to Last Longer In Bed and Stop Premature Ejaculation

If you have premature ejaculation and have been trying to find a solution, you might think that your condition is hopeless if nothing you have tried so far has worked. However, there are a few very simple techniques you can try that will help stop early ejaculation permanently, and allow you to hold out and last longer in bed.

The first two techniques can be applied without the help of a partner. However, for the third method to work, you will need to enlist help.

If you do not currently have a partner, do not worry about the third technique. Even when you meet somebody there is no guarantee that she will want to help you, so start out using the first two techniques. Once you have met an understanding partner you can then also employ the third strategy.

1) Start and Stop

The first technique is masturbation. Some people say that masturbating does not help to get rid of early orgasms and may on the contrary contribute to this condition. They claim that because guys get used to ejaculating quickly when masturbating it transfers to when they are having sex, and it is almost like they are training to ejaculate quickly during the masturbation process. However, other guys who suffer from premature ejaculation have found the masturbation can be a helpful tool to train yourself to last longer. Whatever your thoughts on the subject may have been in the past, try to put them aside and practice using this technique.

Here you can find complete and precise step-by-step ejaculation trainer review guide to train to last longer through masturbation and many other techniques that will be mentioned in this article!

Firstly, you need to masturbate until you feel that you are approaching ejaculation. Once this feeling rises, stop completely, take a few deep breaths and relax. Once you feel calmer and the feeling you are about to ejaculate has passed, resume masturbating until you get to the same point of near ejaculation. Like before stop, and take a few deep breaths allowing your excitement to decrease. Continue this process several more times.

What this does, is show the body that ejaculating too quickly is not acceptable and the body becomes more used to holding out. You are also mentally training the mind and the next time you are with a partner you will find you are able to stop and start to control your levels of excitement and last longer.

Basically you’re building your resistance to fast ejaculation. Every time you have one of these masturbation sessions you will find your endurance gradually increases.

2) Squeezing

The second technique is to squeeze the pubococcygeus or PC muscle. This is a muscle located between the anus and the testicles. When urinating if you wish to stop the flow this is the muscle you will use. During urination it is very easy to control the muscle but when having sex it might seem near impossible. However, this is only because the muscle needs to be strengthened. When first starting out you will probably find it difficult to do any more than 10 reps, but after a short while you will find that you can increase to 20 reps in one sitting, and that the flex is significantly stronger. The more you practice the more control you will have over the muscle, and eventually you will be able to flex it to stop ejaculation, and therefore last much longer in bed.

To start out, identify the muscle by stopping your urine in mid-flow. The muscle you feel working is the PC muscle. At first, aim for 10 short flexes, or however many you can muster. Try to do three sets of 10 per day. Once you have achieved this, increase the number to 15 flexes three times a day, and hold each flex for up to 5 seconds. Build up gradually and once you find it easy to hold for 5 seconds increase the count to 10.

This tactic is very useful during sex when you want to prevent ejaculation to last longer in bed. Simply squeeze as you are used to doing during your exercises and this will hold it in. The longer you learn to flex for, the more chance you have of stopping premature climaxes with this method.

3) Sex Itself

One of the best ways to practice lasting longer in bed is to have sex with a partner. Your girlfriend will need to be understanding when you first start out as you will need to practice having sex and lasting longer each time. This is somewhat similar to the starting and stopping masturbation technique, but instead of performing by yourself you will be with a real partner and your sexual enjoyment should be heightened. As soon as you feel you are about to ejaculate you will need to stop what you are doing and relax until you feel your excitement abating. Once the moment has passed you can resume, just as you did in step one. The more you practice the easier you will find it to last longer. Once you will get your early ejaculation under control then consider watching some good sex tips from 2 girls teach sex program and become real Sex-God in bed.

When you have a girlfriend is also a good idea for her to go on top. This will give you more control over the PC muscle. During sex if you feel you are about to finish prematurely ask your girlfriend stop moving or slow down. During these moments squeeze the PC muscle to stop ejaculation. Continue doing this until you get to the point where you do not need to ask her to stop. Your aim is to squeeze the muscle while she continues to move. Although this is challenging, with time and practice you will become accustomed to the technique and have a lot more control. As well as practising the PC squeeze when having sex you can also try pulling out and relaxing before resuming just as you did in the masturbation exercise.

More frequent sex will help the condition of rapid ejaculation tremendously. Practice will help hurry the process up, although you will need to have an understanding partner.

Jeremy – former sufferer of Premature Ejaculation

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