Early Ejaculation Treatment – Find Out What PE Is and Whether You Have It

There are many names for the Premature Ejaculation (PE) condition as: rapid orgasms, rapid climax, premature climax, early ejaculation and more. However, this condition is often defined as a state, when man ejaculates (achieve orgasm) sooner than he or his partner would like him to. What is more, one can speak about regular pattern in a sexual life of a man.

It is rather problematic to be more specific with any threshold for number of minutes man should last during sex in order to be not classified by this shameful condition. Although average time a man lasts during sex was defined at six and a half minutes this cannot be taken for any precise goal one must achieve. Many men and their partners are satisfied after just three minutes of actual intercourse while others are not satisfied even after 10 minutes. So this condition is rather specific for every individual and couple.

Although there is almost no discussion about this sexual condition (or rather a dysfunction) it is rather widespread among men. More than a 30% of adult male population stated in a representative survey that they suffer or have suffered through their sexual life with this very embarrassing condition. The most common reasons why men suffer from PE is an “anxiety and too much stimulation” in a young relationship. What is more, this condition is of psychological rather than physical character. Therefore, this condition can result as a consequence of a feeling of guilt towards your partner.

 Continue reading this article... There are various types of early ejaculation.

  • Firstly, it is when a man ejaculates before actual penetration of a woman.
  • Secondly, one can speak about premature orgasms when man ejaculates right after he penetrates his partner.

Additionally, there is another division of PE on primary (lifelong) and secondary (acquired). The former is associated with a time period when man achieves puberty while the latter one “is acquired later in the man´s life”.

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No matter which case is yours, the enormous feeling of shame is pretty same at both situations. Although doctors are not 100% sure, PE can be a result of a wrong sexual pattern which was created by men through masturbation in their young age when they wanted to swiftly achieve climax in order to not to get caught. This fact is considered as a main source of PE even by Matt Gorden – author of Ejaculation Trainer set of exercises. If you want to know more you can read the latest review of Matt Gorden´s product here.

The condition of premature or early orgasms has negative impact on health of a man. Although this condition is not physically harmful, if you ejaculate as outlined in the second case – before actual penetration – this can lead to inability of a couple to conceive a child. What is more, this condition is able to destroy many relationships due to the sexual dissatisfaction and leave such a psychological damage on a man that it will affect his whole life.

Often you will be told that there is a combination of two methods which should guarantee that ejaculation disorder should be a past. It is the relaxation and practice as well as thinking about non-sexual stuff during intercourse in order to keep their excitement under the control. There are various other possibilities how to try to get rid of or diminish effects of Premature Climaxes. It is possible through variety of special exercises and techniques as “stop and start” or “squeeze” technique. However, their effectiveness is not always so visible. Although not every product for PE works, you can easily get rid of this condition with the help of Ejaculation Trainer 101 set of exercises.

Then there are some pills “allegedly” aimed at “curing” premature climaxes. Well, the PE is not a disease which can be cured but a condition which can be removed only through various mental as well as physical exercises but definitely not through pills or anaesthetic creams – those are just temporary relief but not a cheap and permanent solution you probably look for.

Jeremy – former sufferer of Early Ejaculation

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