RPA was supposed to be simple

After decades of combined experience with enterprise-grade software including experience with different RPA vendors, we concluded that RPA can be done in a better, simpler, and faster way. So Robotiq.ai was born.
A couple of years later, we have 60+ clients and partners mostly in the CEE region but also in the UK, USA & South Africa.

Following our exponential revenue and clients grow, we were also recognized by a well-established VC fund in the last funding round. We thank each and every one of our clients and partners for their trust and hope we’ll help many more simplify their business.

She had to get up at 5 am just to get reports ready by 9 am

Sometimes, you realize how important is your job when you solve seemingly smaller problems. One of our clients had a Back Office assistent whose job was to prepare reports for the board every morning.

To do that, she had to gather data from multiple banks and departments, compile them into one document manually, and then it was supposed to be printed for all board members.

So there was no other way to achieve that – she had to get up one hour early just to get in time to the banks, cross-communicate with people, and to have some time left to manualy crunch the numbers.

When we introduced the RPA, all that tedious labor was gone. Her Digital Teammate would automatically gather data, compile them, and print them out.

The rested smile on her face is something one doesn’t forget easily.

RPA Development

These people develop and deliver your Digital Teammates.

Business Analysis

They listen to you carefully and help you discover automation potential.


People in this department work hard every day to improve the product and the RPA industry.

Marketing and Sales

We believe they’re at the conference now. Or a demo call. Or on their way to your company.

Our departments liberate your employees from such tasks

Leaving you with resources for revenue-generating tasks and happy faces across the company

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They just strive to make business simpler - one process at a time.

Ivan Belas

Marko Gudelj, PhD

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