Hörmann is the world’s leading manufacturer in the segment of garage and industrial doors with 26 factories in Europe, America and Asia and which employs more than six thousand people.

FTE’S time savings

over €20,000
Annual savings


Although the order processing was fairly automated, there are still some parts of the process that are handled manually.
Automated process transcribes the sales orders from legacy IBM mainframe system to SAP ERP system. These are repetitive actions that take up a lot of employee’s time that could be devoted to partners and clients.


With Robot/ Digital Teammate onboard, we achieved %45 savings in employee time that used to be wasted on manual data input in the application.

Financially, Hörmann saved 1 FTE, costing approximately €21.500 annually, and with the increased work capacity, they at least doubled their revenue.

Automation outcome

Better user experience
Great savings

“Process before automation was distributed to other employees whenever the employee in charge was absent, resulting in delays in various departments. After process automation, the employee in charge was finally promoted to another position, taking over full responsibility for its business processes.”

Hrvoje Kireta
Managing Director