• Automotive industry
  • 45 years of vehicle sales and maintenance
  • Leader in Croatia for Volkswagen, Škoda, Audi
  • Over 400 experts

“By implementing the process, we increased efficiency and profitability. The process enabled us to react more quickly on the market compared to others, and to be able to choose at any time. It is pleasure to have such quality service, and we look forward to new joint projects.”

Janko Erdelja
Head of Procurement at Auto Zubak


The subject of the solution is the robotization of the process within the Used Vehicle Procurement department. The subject of the process is a vehicle search on the AutoScout24 and Mobile.de web portals for the purpose of creating a report for an easier search of newly advertised vehicles and preparing a finished report for implementation in the PowerBI application.


Faster 1 report result generation

Replaced by 1 robot

From monthly to daily reporting