It has been a solid few weeks of us at reminiscing about Automation Summit 24. We promised an out-of-ordinary, set-a-new-trend kind of a conference, and not only have we delivered on that promise, but we’re wondering why has it passed so fast. All those incredible talks, the people, connections, energy, knowledge, community, wonderful weather, praises all over.


One of the Summit’s primary goals was to bring a light and foster a stronger automation community of professionals and key decision makers across variety of industries in the South East Europe region and beyond. While there were other goals that were equally important and imminent, Automation Summit went above and beyond to achieve this incredible feat in its inaugural edition. After the avalanche of positive feedback and all those nudges towards year 2025, this is setting out to be a tradition. Who would’ve thought about this just 6 months back? Not us.


The amount of support we have received from the very outset was incredible. OTP Banka was our empowering first Automation Summit partner and it all went abundantly pleasant from that point forward. Soon after our friends at M&I Systems Group joined in, alongside Solvoyo, DNA Consulting, DEX,, Unitfly and the guys from Mtech (Mplus). As we continued talking to our inner circle, Aestus Group joined the AS parade, alongside Combis, Vizibit, Amplibit, Auclio and our friends at Economics Institute and, all vibrantly taken to the front of media world by Netokracija, Lider and tportal.

We passionately curated the program of the conference and we wanted it to be nothing short of excellent, exciting, energetic, entertaining, empowering and ever-so-remembered. Andrius Biceika at Revolut was an early-adopter of Automation Summit idea, and soon after so many giants of their respective industries followed in the footsteps. Would we have imagined a greater lineup than the one that took to the stage to share their experiences? Absolutely not. Opened by our mentor and one of Croatia’s famous physics professors, Mr. Ivica Puljak, mayor of Split and the master of digital transformation, Mr. Danijel Fatovic of OTP Banka, Automation Summit kicked off with a big bang and not just in theory. This two-day conference was a feast for the ever-present business process management and automation and all sorts of AI that goes along with it. What a parade of style, experience, knowledge, insights and networking that was.


Hailing from Split, but known all around Croatia for his benevolent smile, Josip Skiljo was the mood-setter, a par to Ron Burgundy when it came to stage announcements, witty introductions and all-round great atmosphere at the conference. Joining him on stage were all our amazing speakers and the legend among them all, Mr. Stipe Bozic, a conqueror of the world’s highest peaks and a true champion of kindness. These were the guys that kept everyone’s interest on high alert, ensuring that the seats were filled continuously, mobile phones lonely, and those food comas at bay. Those were the moments to cherish forever.

Reflecting on these two days of joy, we’re so grateful and have utter respect for all our incredible speakers, partners, supporters and attendees. If this was all a dream, then let’s keep dreaming about what comes next. Let’s keep on forging deeper connections, let’s keep on supporting each other in bringing automation to the forefront of the world as we know it, let’s educate, share, experience and embrace. Let’s meet again, let’s do this together. Because, truly, we are limitless together. 

See you in 2025.