At, we’re always striving to elevate your experience on our platform and make your way through it a smooth sailing.

Here are some upgrade highlights we’ve rolled out to make sure you’re having a smoother, more efficient, and ultimately more productive experience with our platform.

Knowledge base

All the useful documents are now at your fingertips, and in one place. Knowledge base is a useful library and guide through every question you might have regarding our platform.


Ticketing system

Introducing Jira has mirrored positively on our workflow, communication, and overall efficiency across teams. Ticketing is now more orchestrated.

System cleanse

By upgrading our functionalities and features we refreshed our platform, enhancing its performance, user experience, and adaptability.


You can check the status of your jobs on the dashboard, and view monthly, weekly, or daily statistics for one or multiple processes.

Now relax, enjoy and remember – you can always reach out to us in case you need assistance.