Let’s talk RPA numbers.

Better yet, let’s talk some real, meaningful, valuable insights, tailor made to your priorities and metrics. The important ones.

This is exactly what you will get with Robotiq.ai customizable KPI feature. A unique driver of your decision-making process, trusty compass in the jungle of data.

How it works

This hyper-pragmatic functionality allows you to define and track KPI values through a seamless API integration. Meaning – you set the KPI parameters, your digital coworker diligently gathers and delivers all relevant data in the most convenient format for you – Excel, PowerBI, Tableau, QlikView, or another reporting tool. At time, any device, any data.

Why it works

The KPI functionality is designed to import predefined data directly into your internal reporting applications by eliminating the need to extract data from the Robotiq.ai Dashboard and then rewrite it to fit your specific reporting requirements. 

Your whole business will appear in front of your eyes in the form of:

  • relevant business data
  • real time dashboard
  • fast, accurate and agile digest of your KPIs

This will mirror on your business by improving customer experience (faster delivery), synchronized internal processes, data saving, time saving, and – immediately visible ROI through tangible, real-time data, allowing for strategic decision-making and resource optimization.

What type of data can you track?

Any kind of data that circulates inside of your company’s ecosystem:

  • vertically – on a single task, team, department, or company level
  • horizontally – on a single parameter, cluster or the whole process

Here are some KPI screenshot examples you can create:

Our dashboard provides essential KPI data related to the utilization of each robot.

Also, this feature can include metrics such as time saved, money saved, robot work time, and other relevant business data like the number of loans, tickets, invoice amounts, average contract duration and everything and anything else relevant to your business navigation. 

Farsighted business

In conclusion, our RPA functionality transcends traditional limitations, offering a tailored and dynamic approach to KPI tracking. By providing companies with the tools to define, retrieve, and manipulate data seamlessly, we empower them to unlock the true potential of RPA, driving efficiency, informed decision-making, and measurable success.

Welcome to a future where your data works for you.