Since you’re already here, reading this blog, you’re surely familiar with the concept of an RPA software, at least to some point. However, there are still some questions unanswered that are stopping you from enrolling on the RPA journey.

Here, we’ll address those questions and explain what’s ahead. You’ll learn:

  • What is RPA?
  • What can you gain from implementing an RPA software?
  • What process candidates are the best fit for software robots?
  • How to prepare for process automation?

At the end of this blog, you’ll get a better picture of what this journey is all about, how to start the process automation, and finally – you’ll be able to make an educated decision about implementing an RPA-Powered Digital Teammate into your own processes. So, let’s start!

To Begin With, Let’s Answer the Following: What is RPA Software?

You can find various names online for basically the same thing. RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, goes by different names, such as RPA Software, RPA Platform, Software Robots, etc.

Here at, we’re proud to have developed an RPA-Powered Digital Teammate, an addition to your team, that relieves your employees from manual, mundane, and time-consuming tasks performed on the computer.

Our RPA robot is a piece of software that can replicate the activities humans perform by hand and do it faster and error-free. With it, you’ll finally have more time to shift to the activities that fulfill you and that you actually enjoy doing!

What Do I Get With RPA Robots?

The most important benefit you’ll gain is your team’s motivation and enthusiasm when they’re relieved from the chains of dull activities. As one thing leads to another, their productivity will increase with it. And, at the same time, that process they used to perform manually — well, your Digital Teammate makes sure to deliver it on time.

Long story short, not only are we talking about the amount of work done once your team embraced their new roles but also the increased execution speed, accuracy, and the possibility to scale. In other words, you’re getting a new employee for a fraction of the salary you would pay for a human employee and at least twice the efficiency increase.

How Does the RPA Journey Looks Like, and What Do I Have to Do to Prepare For it?

When we say “journey”, that’s what we mean. RPA software implementation is an ongoing process that requires good preparation to make it work flawlessly. But, don’t fret – we’re here for you!

First, the best thing you can do is to research your company’s processes and determine which ones are:

  • Handling a large amount of structured data
  • Time-consuming
  • Highly-frequent
  • Error-prone
  • Repetitive
  • Dull

Next, we’ll schedule a discovery meeting, in which we’ll go through the processes you have chosen to automate and provide you with an offer for the work scope we agreed on. RPA Analysis

After signing a contract, we’ll begin with the business analysis and a workshop to dissect the process to the tiniest steps and optimize it if necessary.

At this stage, the magic happens! Our RPA Consultants are taking over and beginning to teach a Digital Teammate what exactly he has to do. In other words, our consultants are developing the process for automation in our HQ (a central place for developing, editing, and monitoring both the process and the robot).

This stage can take 5-30 working days, depending on the process’s complexity and the information provided.

We’re almost there! You can think of this stage as a quick onboarding process, in which we test and fine-tune a Digital Teammate before we let him take over.

Now, we’re good to go! The process is ready for production, and your new team member awaits to jump in. Of course, we’ll monitor his performance for the next ten days to make sure the onboarding process is successful.

Remember, we’re always providing support at any stage of the automation journey.

Are You Ready to Take the First Step?

When starting your RPA journey, good preparation is half the battle won. That’s why we’re leading you through every step of the journey, making sure that a Digital Teammate implementation goes as smoothly as possible. After all, you want the work to get done, right?

Interested in learning more about an RPA-Powered Digital Teammate? Get in touch with us for a short 1-on-1 Introduction Call!