Table of Contents

Deinstallation of the old Development robot

  1. First, you’ll need to deinstall the old robot
  2. Navigate to “Control panel” app on your local machine by writing “Control Panel” in the search bar.
  3. Select “Uninstall a program”.
  4. Find the Robot, right-click on it and select “Uninstall”.
  5. If this popup appears, click on “Yes”.
  6. If this popup appears, select the first option “Automatically close applications…” and click on “OK”.

7. Confirm with “Yes”.

8. After uninstalling, the folder will no longer exist in Program files. You can verify it by searching the path: “C:\Program Files\” in folder “Program Files”.

  • If all the files have been deleted, the following message will appear:

  • If the files have not been deleted, delete it manually by right clicking on the folder and selecting Delete.

Installation of the new Development robot

  1. Login to HQ, navigate to the Settings option in the left menu bar and then click “Robots”.

2. Download the robot by clicking the “Download robot” button. This can take several minutes.

3. You are now ready to install a new robot. Once downloaded, double click on it, and open the installation Wizard. If the following popup appears, click on “More info”.

4. Confirm with “Run anyway”.


5. Start RecorderRobotSetup.msi Wizard by clicking “Next”.


6. Accept the terms in the “End-User License Agreement” and click “Next”.


7. Choose the installation and click “Next”.

8. Choose the “Development Robot” option and click “Next”.

9. Click “Next”.


10. Install the robot.


11. In this step you will need to give permission to the publisher to make changes to your device by clicking on “Yes”.

12. Finish the installation.


13. Verify in Task Manager that you can see the RobotiqHandler process Running.

Recorder, Robot, and Handler logs can be found by typing %appdata% in the File Explorer.

then> Robotiq->logs

  1. Having successfully installed our development robot, you can now proceed and log in to our Headquarters (the verification email with the activation link should have been sent to you in seperate email). Robotiq Headquarters (HQ) is a platform where automated processes are created, executed, and monitored.


2. When you enter the process editor within the HQ, you will notice a red triangle that can be seen in the pictures below.


By clicking on it, the dialog window will show up. Your next step is to provide the data from the Handler Monitoring Tool. It is an app that is up and running right after logging in to the machine. This is the only needed when working with development robots and to inform the HQ as to which network port the Handler on the machine is using so that the HQ knows how to send instructions to the Handler to initiate the process.