Hire the right digital teammatein just 4 weeks*

  • Go through our streamlined 3-part process that includes a thorough business analysis.
  • Get a digital teammate in just 4 weeks* that matches your needs down to the detail.
  • Track everything - saved time, hours, executed tasks...

While our Success Managers assist you in change management and company-wide adoption at all times.

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*depends on complexity and response rate, but it takes 4 weeks for a simple multi-step process, up to 10 weeks maximum for the most complex ones – and it includes analysis, development, implementaion!

Being sold to vs Being listened to

Never second-guess your automation decisions again

Sometimes it’s tough to see if something can be automated. It’s complex, messy, and runs on legacy systems.

Maybe you’ve tried other tools in the past and were left alone to map out the processes, which led to costly errors. Maybe it wasn’t your specialty and details easily slipped through the cracks.

On the other hand, some processes haven’t changed for many years. Perhaps some steps aren’t necessary anymore.

That’s why we include a Business Analyst in the process. They do all the mapping, providing you with a peace of mind.

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Phase 1

Discovery and business analysis

Our Business analyst presents the RPA and goes through your business processes. You get a rough estimate, and a tool to precisely discover automation candidates.

Phase 2

Mapping and development

After automation candidates analysis, our BA maps out the steps (optimizes them if needed) and provides you with a precise pricing.

If you consent to this, our RPA dev team takes over.

Phase 3

Implementation and maintenance

Our RPA dev team contacts your IT team, gets access points, and implements the robot.

After that, we maintain the automation and keep a close eye on possible optimizations down the road.

67% increase in efficiency at BDO

“It was implemented in a short time frame (4-6 weeks). it was not intrusive which meant that little development was required to implement the solution and the benefits were realized immediately.”

Hannes Oberschmid
Senior Manager

Case Study: How BDO saves 220k EUR annualy with RPA

It’s easy to prove the value of RPA when you have the right tools and metrics

KPI tracking

Track executed tasks thanks to our KPI step creator. It can be anything – from simple time tracking for certain tasks to number of documents processed.

On top of that, our API allows your IT department to connect Robotiq.ai with BI tools and generate visually appealing reports.

(hint: You can automate that, too!)

Audit trail

To ensure everything runs smoothly and in compliance with procedures and regulations, you need an audit trail.

In Robotiq.ai you can enable:

  • Automated screenshots
  • Video logs (upload them anywhere)
  • Realtime monitoring
  • Timelogs with executed steps

(hint: You can opt-in to conceal sensitive business data from the audit trail, e.g. tax id)

ISO-certified security

Robotiq.ai is being used by banks, telco companies, insurance groups, and various financial institutions. This requires a high degree of security.

  • ISO 9001 – Quality
  • ISO 27001 – Security
  • ISO 27017 – Cloud Security
  • ISO 27701 – Data Privacy and GDPR

(hint: Our platform is hosted on one of the most secure servers in the EU - Azure)

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"62% of employees said they get some sense of purpose at work, but they need more."

When motivation sinks, your productivity sinks, too. You know that your highly-capable employees wish to progress. You wish to see them satisfied. However, dull and repetitive administrative tasks have an opposite effect on them. Maybe it’s time to create space for their growth through automation.

Get assistance for change management

Yet, many employees fear that automation software such as RPA will eventually replace them and may resist changes in the beginning. Not without reason, especially when you read Deloitte reports that state that “50% of tasks could be automated by 2030”.

However, in our experience, RPA hasn’t replaced anyone so far. In fact, it has only liberated people to focus on creative and fullfiling tasks.

RPA actually augments the cappabilites of your employees.

400% increase in process efficiency at FINA

“We were suspicious at first. We’re a big company with complex processes. In just 8 weeks, we’ve got digital teammates who handle demotivating tasks for us… While our people became more satisfied as they saved time and started working on challenging tasks.”

Agneza Margetić
Service director

Find out how many timesheets Robotiq fills in for FINA employees now

Turn resource-draining, repetitive tasks into liberating automations

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