Effortlessly embrace RPA

From "But what if..?!" to "Imagine if we...!" in 3 steps

Implementation of new tools in large organizations can be intimidating.

“How long does it take? Do we have to upskill? How can we minimize risks? Are you sure this matches our needs, because the last time we’ve tried…”

That’s why our team created a streamlined, 3-step process that guides you risk-free, detail by detail, to your first digital teammate.

No vendor lock-in

No upfront payments

Free discovery process

Step 1

Discovery. Non-binding, free of charge.

You meet the team, ask uncomfortable questions, talk to analysts, and get the offer. At the end of this stage, you have a business analysis with defined automations, costs, and timelines.

1-2 work weeks

Introductory meeting – meet the founders

2-4 hour workshop with our Business Analyst

The official offer and timeline

Step 2


We reach out to your IT department (or administrators) for access details, and set everything up on our side.

1-2 work weeks

Our BA breaks down processes into specifications for developers.

Our managers reach out to your IT for access information and other details.

Developer create RPA bots and prepare them for implementation.

Step 3


We present you with the solution and show you how it operates. You get access info to your account, support and training, and start tracking the effects.

1-2 work weeks

We implement and start the automation.

You get access to the tracking dashboard.

We all celebrate your leap into greater productivity.

* Estimated timelines depend on response rates and process complexity. Simple processes (up to 5 steps) usually take up to 3 weeks, the most complex ones up to 8 weeks.

Cancel anytime

ISO-certified security

Thorough Business Analysis

First invoice after the implementation

Support in change management

Free training and RPA academy

Your next step:Master the RPA through our Free RPA Academy*

* Available to our clients and partners only currently.

As your organization matures in the field of RPA, you’ll require far less support. Our goal is to support you in taking over the process of creating countless nerve-time-money-saving automations and owning RPA adoption in organizations worldwide.

Find out more about the free RPA academy.

Academy website

Embark on a risk-free journey

to your first enterprise-level automation