Discover the inner workings of the RPA platform

Two components,
unlimited automations.

If we sparked your curiosity, but you‘re a type of person who likes to explore how things work behind the curtains, this is the page you’d like to read (or forward to your manager).

Let’s dive deep into the details of the HQ and the RPA robot.

HQ - where real automations happen

HQ is a management web application where processes are designed and where all aspects of robot orchestration and management are performed.

We host the platform on the cloud infrastructure, built from the ground up and running in two data centers.

Process designer

This is the heart of our platform.
It’s where we design and set up the automation.

Pre-made steps library

Over 100+ pre-made steps, from Open Excel to Read text from image. Pick and get started in minutes, not months.

Process recorder

Let the platform record your clicks and inputs, and create a ready-made automation.

Real-time monitoring

Get a video stream and a log stream.
See what’s happening and what the robot exactly does.


Some automations need to run once a week, and some every day. You can adjust that, too.

KPI tracking and reporting

Add relevant metrics and savings to your next report. See how much resources the automations have saved.

Did you come for the technical details?

Or you need more information on technology that you could forward to your CTO?

RPA Robot - or as we call it - your Digital Teammate

The Digital Teammate is the component that does the actual work. It’s connected to the HQ and orchestrated by it.

We install it on a Windows based virtual machine, together with the tools needed for processes.

Cloud or Hybrid

We host it for you on our servers or help you set it up on your virtual machine (if you wish for more security and risk management).

GDPR compliant

You can set up the communication between the HQ and the robot so it doesn’t contain sensitive business information.

Unlimited processes

A robot cannot multitask (performs one process at the time), but it can execute as many processes as it can fit in its time limitation.

Enterprise-ready security is used in banks, insurance groups, and TelCo companies. We handle sensitive processes and data and that’s why we made a huge investment in making our platform reliable and secure.

Find out more about our enterprise-grade security

It works with almost all ERPs and CRMs

Also, it’s AI Vision component allows us to process legacy systems and automate them, too.