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Get an invite

If you would like to try out our technology, please send an inquiry to (Name, Surname and your e-mail address, with the inquiry for our Academies) and our colleagues will send you the invite to our Academies with all the instructions.

Once you got an invite to the platform we would like to help you take the first steps in platform.

We are glad that you are interested in Academy and below we would like to present the next steps.

The Academy consists of two parts:

  • Technical Training
  • Consulting Training.

We will send you an invitation to Technical and Consulting Training.

We suggest that you start learning with Technical Training and only after completing that course, start with Consulting Training, to realize the full potential of the content of the Academy.

You will receive 2 emails:

1. To set a password on Academy:

  • Clicking on the link from received e-mail will open a window where you will need to enter the password of your choice
  • After successfully adding a password for your new account, you will be automatically logged in to your profile.
  • By clicking on “My profile” in your account, you can see all the courses to which you have been enrolled to and you can start learning.

2. To access our tool – Robotiq Headquarters (HQ):

  • The registration link is valid for 24 hours – please have this in mind and try to activate it ASAP. If it expires, please inform us and we will send you a new one.
  • By clicking on the link from received e-mail, a window will open where you need to select the option “>>Click here to proceed”, enter the password of your choice and confirm it by clicking “Submit”.
  • On the HQ tool, you can simultaneously monitor the content of the Academy and solve assigned tasks in Technical Training.


You can find instructions for installing the Development robot in document:” – Installation Instructions – Development Robot”, which is necessary for solving tasks from the Academy, Technical Training.

Also, it is important for us that you know that we are putting a lot of effort into improving our Academy and we are continuously refining the visual identity, functionalities, and the content itself. We would certainly appreciate your feedback, and any suggestion is more than welcome.

In case of any questions, feel free to contact us.

Kind regards and pleasant learning.