Table of Contents

Technical Requirements

  1. Server virtual machine -> Linux or Windows (Win10 or Win11)
    • If Windows is used, WSL2 (Windows subsystem for Linux) needs to be installed on the machine.
  2. Docker Desktop client, download link:
  3. Temporary internet access -> Used to pull images from docker repo for initial installation and subsequent updates.
  4. Domain and DNS entry for that domain -> Issue a domain and make a DNS entry for that domain.
  5. Web hosting certificate issued to domain that was created in previous step (cert must be issued to fully qualified name: or wildcard: *, certificate must have SubjectAlternativeName issued to Robotiq.Keycloak. Certificate format must be .crt with according .key file. That certificate also needs to be available in .pfx format. (HOW TO: Certificate needs to be available on filesystem on ServerVM and needs to be imported on all RobotVMs (We recommend adding the certificate to a shared location so it can be easily accessed).
  6. Robotiq installation package that will be placed on ServerVM (Provided by
  7. PostgreSQL instance with admin user.
    • Admin username and password need to be provided to person installing the software
  8. Mailserver that can be accessed from LAN.
    • Data that needs to be provided to person installing the server:
      • Mailserver host
      • Port
      • Does authentication exist? If authentication is enabled, username and password need to be provided also.
  9. Web server minimum hardware requirements (these requirements need to scaled up according to traffic) :
    • 16GB RAM
    • 4 x 1,6 GHz CPU
    • 80GB physical storage (MIN)